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To hold CPS workers liable for failure to protect
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The National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System (NCANDS) reported an estimated 1,530 child fatalities in 2006. This translates to a rate of 2.04 children per 100,000 children in the general population Imagine those numbers today as we now approach 2010.

NCANDS defines "child fatality" as the death of a child caused by an injury resulting from abuse or neglect, or where abuse or neglect was a contributing factor.

The rate of child abuse and neglect fatalities reported by NCANDS has varied slightly during the last several years beginning with a rate of 1.96 per 100,000 in 2001, increasing to 1.98 in 2002, 2.00 in 2003, 2.03 in 2004, decreasing back to 1.96 in 2005, and increasing to 2.04 in 2006. It is likely that the slight increase in fatalities reported by NCANDS from 2001 to 2006 is due to improved reporting by some of the States.

These children could have been saved had the dept of child & family services caseworkers actually done the job the State pays them to do more and more children are dying as a result of the state failing to protect these children from harm and yet these caseworkers nor the agency is never held legally liable for failure to protect, enabling, child endangerment, derivative neglect and this list goes on .

Yet these are the same charges they loosely use to remove children from homes all the time justice bureau statistics show children within the CPS system are five times more likely to be abused in foster care, over medicated, beaten, raped & murdered.

Shavon's law would hold C.P.S./D.C.F.S. caseworkers accountable under law when they have eminent threat of harm or knowledge & evidence a child is in danger of harm such as marks of abuse or signs of sexual assault, child's statements to social workers and living situation.

If CPS fails to remove that child from that situation and that child's death or injury results they need to be held accountable.

Under this law State caseworkers failing to protect a child from harm would then be charged the same as the abuser no less negligent homicide if that child survives their injuries the caseworker would be charged with enabling and immediately fired from the dept no paid leave pending an investigation no keeping of their jobs.

When a child care provider is accused of any type of abuse and has licensing through the dept of child and family services that daycare center is to be shut down immediately pending full investigation and all parents are to be notified of that claim under this law as well all day care providers whether caring for one child or forty must be licensed whether in home daycare or at a facility and go through criminal background checks.

Also once a care provider has been arrested or convicted of abuse or neglect they will have to register in a statewide data base just like sex offenders and a copy of their prints as well on file so that they cannot go to another state or town to re establish.

Shavon Miles was a 13 yr old girl beaten to death in my town the autopsy showed she died of blunt force trauma.

She was covered in old and new cigarette burns as well as only weighing 73lbs when a call is placed and an investigator called out to the home all the children's clothing is removed to check for signs of abuse do you mean to tell me that caseworker did not see those old and new cigarette burns and the fact this child was being starved this child as well as her twin brother were removed as newborns they are blind and suffer seizures from (SBS) shaken baby syndrome yet were returned to the mother after completing parenting classes.

School officials made several calls as well as the Grandmother and father yet the principal was told to stop calling it was harassment.

She died a few months later beaten to death with a 2x4 and electric cord D.C.F.S. response they are deeply saddened this caseworker is still employed and a family forever shattered why was this allowed I will tell you why money federal funding Shavon was 13 disabled and black in the eyes of CPS not adoptable in the system they are removing children from homes that do not need removing and letting children being severely abused stay and die the system needs reform and I need you to help me reform it.

I am tired of hearing we are under staffed and overworked that is no excuse for a child to die and this is a system that kills without conscience nor consequence caseworkers continue to receive a check weekly and kids just keep dying under their care enough!!

We need to start enforcing the rights of children under the equal rights amendment and protecting them not the caseworkers that are put in place to protect children and remove them from harmful situations stop removing children needlessly and start running CPS the way it is supposed to be run.

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Thank you


Some of the names of the children protected to death by CPS,

Shavon Miles
Summer Phelps
Kelsey Briggs
Tyler Payne
Ariana Payne
Chris Cejas
Nixzmary Brown
Amanda A'laina Gallegos
Zoey Espinoza
Tesslynn O’Cull
Andrew James "A.J." Schwartz
Kyle Klein
Brianna Lopez
Emily Ann Mays
Dakota Austin Yonts
Sydney Hatchett
Erin Maxwell
Tricia & Victor Reyes
Keenan Taylor
Alisha Allen
Amy Howson
Baby P
Bianca Nicole Starr
Brian Hawes
Cheyenne Renee Eairheart
Christopher L. Thomas
Dylan Hogue
Ellijah Rodriguez
Crystal Figueroa

And the list just goes on.

We, the undersigned call on the Illinois and all other state legislatures to put an end to the failure of the social service agency's and ask that they now be legally held accountable for their failure to protect children from abuse and that a reform law is put in place to protect children from a government agency that was put in place to do so and is failing Americas children.

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