Riverdale writers

We all know vercniva lodge has sexual tension with all the girls in riverdale. Please sign his so we get what we deserve . Her and Cheryl’s constant enemies to lovers excellence . Her and Toni’s looks , like they didn’t have to look at each other like that but I’m glad they did . Her seeking Betty in a bra and freezing . She went to an all girls school ... her and Cheryl legit murder each other so that they can have hot hate sex

We the riverdale fans excellence need to make Veronica Lodge a HBisexualIC or a Pansexual Playboy bunny it is crucial

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The Petition for Riverdale writers to make Veronica Lodge a canon bisexual / pansexual petition to Riverdale writers was written by Nelly / Venxti and is in the category Television at GoPetition.