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This petition has been started, because of our recent visit to Home Depot about having a recycling box for the new Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

When my group came to ask them questions, and how we could help them they told us that the program wasn't in place. Once we heard this we went searching for something on homedepot.com to back up what we wanted to develop.

We found an environmental page mentioning how it was their commitment to helping the environment, and how they would do everything they could to help the. My group and I found this not right when we saw that many Home Depot stores in Canada have all ready developed these recycling boxes, and ours can't even try.

This petition is for convincing the corporate Headquarters of Home Depot to install a program for recycling the CFL's.

This petition is about getting a recycling box or program started for our local Home Depot stores.

On their website (just go to this website to check it out) http://corporate.homedepot.com/wps/portal/Environmental_Principles. Home Depot has claimed that they have made a commitment to helping the environment.

Also how they would do everything they could to helping. In certain Home Depot's in Canada and the U.S they have slowly started to add these recycling programs. In our area there is only one nearby, and we could definitely use more. With the steadily increasing rate of people purchasing the new Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs we need to start doing what is needed to be done to help our environment.

It isn't just Home Depot, but we want any major store like Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Home Depot to have a recycling program. If you are going to sell it why not have a place to put it away safely for when it is done. These light bulbs can be very dangerous so action needs to be taken for this to take place. Thanks for your support!

Marine Wahines

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