East Northants District Council
United Kingdom

During 2016, the Wildlife Trust, without any consultation or engagement with the users of these areas, erected extensive fencing, excluding the public from many parts of Whitestones and ridge paths above the gullet, in the process ruining the landscape and obstructing established paths that have been walked for years.

Before the fencing there were many paths which enabled visitors to spread out, but now there is just one main straight, featureless path through Whitestones and the gullet which everybody has to use if they want to go through this area. It is used by families, dog walkers, cyclists, photographers and joggers.

We, the undersigned, call on East Northants District Council to remove the fencing erected in the Whitestones area of Twywell Hills and Dales and on the ridges above the gullet.

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The Petition for Removal of Fencing in Whitestones and the gullet petition to East Northants District Council was written by Friends of Twywell Hills and Dales and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.

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