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The Presidency

As Friday 12th of 2009 the Islamic Republic of Iran re-elected Mahmud Ahmadinejad for the presidency it is risen the concern about the Christian minority in this Country.

The legal deterrence as the opposition to cult in Persian, the official language, for instance, implies in the non-observation of the freedom of religion issued in several international treaties binding the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Presidency

Your Excellency,

Due to the recent news of your re-election, we the undersigned, wish you blessings as the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. May the Most High bless you and all the Iranian people.

Iran is a significant partner in the Middle East for peace and stability and has signed and ratified important international human rights’ treaties including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. For this reason we expect that it will be taken the commitments contained in these treaties seriously.

Highlighting the fundamental right to freedom of religion or belief as several Farsi-speaking Christians and other non-Muslim believers have been arrested arbitrarily in recent years. They have not been free to organise any religious gatherings in their own language, not even in their own houses. In that respect, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not complying with its own Constitution and international obligations.

It is petitioned that not only be granted freedom of religion of all Farsi-speaking Christians, but also protect them as they enjoy this freedom. To ensure that all Christians can meet together whenever and wherever they want for prayer, worship, teaching and preaching in their own language.

In addition we respectfully urge the presidency to start this renewed mandate with the immediate release of all prisoners held on the basis of religious beliefs.

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