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We're looking for people who may be interested in buying the Film Noir poster if it became available. The poster hung in Rachel Green's (Jennifer Aniston) Bedroom on the popular Tv Series "Friends" and appeared in numerous episodes throughout the series.

You can see the poster throughout the highs and lows of Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachels on off relationship. Like in Season 2 Episode 18 "The One Where Dr Ramoray Dies" where Ross has a jealous crisis when he knows that Rachel had 'animal sex' with Paolo. Dont worry it had a happy ending!
Also in the episode "The One With The Jellyshish" was the first episode of the Fourth Season where Ross and Rachel broke up again, after he fell asleep reading her heartfelt letter, 18 pages long ) back and front!

If we get one hundred signatures we would go straight into production and email you when the poster is ready for sale!


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