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Peace is fragile in the region as India and Pakistan have had 4 wars in fifty years.

Petition for Peace in South Asia

We, the undersigned,

Recognizing the importance of peace for humanity in general and for South Asian region in particular which houses one fourth of the world population

Denouncing the terror attacks at Mumbai in particular and terrorist activities in all forms and manifestations in general

Calling upon the Governments of India and Pakistan to not become the hostage of terrorists and extremists who want war and destruction of humanity by promoting jingoism and war hysteria in the region of South Asia and in their heinous attempt to disrupt the on going peace process between the two countries

Understanding the fact that war, aggression and terrorism will only add to the misery of the poor majority of this region and will bring instability and destruction that will negatively affect the businesses of nationals and multinational alike

Calling upon the people, civil society and private sector stakeholders of India and Pakistan to continuously pursue their respective governments to undertake all positive and affirmative steps necessary to ensure durable and sustainable peace between these Twin States

Believing that the desire and promotion of peace is not a sign of weakness but strength and farsightedness

We the people of South Asia stand united in our commitment to promote peace and bring prosperity to the region

To achieve sustainable peace and prosperity we stand united and declare that

War, fighting, terrorism, and aggression are not the solutions of the problems and sufferings of the people of South Asia in general and India and Pakistan in particular, majority of whom are living below poverty line and are deprived of even basic necessities of life like food, potable water and shelter

Sustainable peace in this region can only be achieved through people to people contact and Peace in this region cannot be imposed from out side but it will emerge from inside from the hearts and minds of the people of both the States

Every sensitive, educated and conscious member of the civil society shall actively and consciously undertake each and every act necessary to make this region secure safe and free from terror and aggression

We will pursue our respective governments at all levels to comply with the norms of international law

We welcome the courageous and rational policy statement of the President of Pakistan regarding “ no first use of nuclear weapon”

We also welcome the bold and reasonable statement of Prime Minster of India’s commitment regarding restraint and non aggression

We unanimously and unequivocally deplore , condemn and denounce all kinds of terrorism and its support in any from and manner

In the light of all the principles set hence forth I shall stand committed to further the cause of peace in this region and shall do my utmost at every level to mitigate war hysteria, glorification and support of terrorism and shall pursue the leadership of my country to show restraint with all genuineness and sincerity.

To achieve the goals stated in this petition I will act as an ambassador of Peace in the Region of South Asia and shall send this message as initiative to all the members of civil society, elected leaders, officials and policy makers of my country and to the global peace movements to become ambassadors of peace

Upon completion of two million signatures one copy of this petition will be presented to the Heads of States of India and Pakistan and a copy will be sent to the Security Council through the office of United Nations Secretary General in order to communicate the WILL of the people of South Asia.


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