#City & Town Planning
Members of the Orinda, California Community
United States of America

37 Million people live at or below the federally defined poverty level in the United

Working families deserve Living Wages, not a minimum wage (currently $8 per
hour or about $17,000 per year). The minimum wage falls way below the
federally defined poverty level.

The current weakness in the economy will result in less good jobs and less
families able to afford their basic needs.

The undersigned members of the Community of Orinda urge the City of Orinda
to adopt the following Living Wage Pledge -

1. All employees of the City of Orinda will be paid a Living Wage.

2. The City of Orinda should only do business with companies that agree to pay their workers a Living Wage for jobs they work on in Orinda.

3. The Living Wage shall be no less than $12.50 per hour and be reviewed on
an annual basis. (The City of San Jose has a Living Wage Ordinance that
requires minimum pay of $12.66 per hour plus $1.25 per hour for health
benefits if not separately paid).

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