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Black cats get a bad rep. From old and outdated myths that if a black cat crosses your path you’re doomed to a bad day or just their dark and mysterious appearance that implies they are bad, cats are just cats, no matter the color of their fur. And because of these beliefs, they’re the least adopted cats in shelters no matter disability, age, or health according to Pet Finder studies.
Well Karma was the last of the batch left before we adopted him (I wanted a black cat to begin with so woohoo) and he is a very VERY good boy. I couldnt be happier. So he deserves a pat pat from other good boys, kpop boy group, Seventeen.

We, the people, call on @pledis_17 to get Wonwoo and Seventeen to Pet This Gorl’s Cat. It’s what Karma deserves.

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The Petition for Jeon Wonwoo (Seventeen in general) to Pet My Cat petition to Stan twitter was written by Aphrielle R and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.

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