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A majority of the world realizes that we are living in times, that are a turning point in our planet's survival and our survival and that an immediate change is needed. We also are aware that the United Nations is aware of the climate crisis, and that the United Nations acknowledges that in order for humankind to continue to survive on this planet, that immediate and serious actions are needed, to remedy the damage that has been done to our planet.

Studies enacted by the United Nations, and by other scientific entities depict in their studies, that technologies need to be implemented worldwide to remove the excess amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, and that immediate changes in regulations across a wide variety of industries, need to be enacted immediately, in order for us, and our children to continue to survive on the planet Earth.

Despite the many facts surrounding the changes we need to make, as the United Nations as repeatedly pointed out, little action has been taken by the United Nations, in enforcing the changes that are needed.

We need to get the ball rolling, as we all know time is running out for all of us.

To the UN Secretary-General António Guterres:

The petition of the undersigned shows: That a significant representation of the individuals who live on the planet Earth believe that:

The future of humankind is in grave danger, and unless actions are taken in the near future, to guarantee that we can all continue to live on this planet, there will be serious consequences that all of humankind, will suffer. The United Nations is fully aware of the immediate danger that we all face, but yet has not protested when countries and cities in the world, have set goals of reducing emissions, that are not in line with the timelines that the United Nations has given. The United Nations has acknowledged that the amount of greenhouse gases have already passed the dangerous threshold in our atmosphere, but still yet, technologies that are capable of removing the excess of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, have not been utilized.

Our Petitioners Ask That:

1) The United Nations begin to remove excess greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

2) Impose standards and guidelines in major greenhouse gas contributing countries.

3) Enforce standards in different industries, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

4) Educate the different governments of the world on how to eliminate their carbon footprint, and help the governments of the world set up logical timelines in eventually utilizing 100% renewable energy in their respectable regions.

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