Board of Directors President Bob Kahn- CC: Sharon Bradley, LAUSD
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CHAMPS Charter High School, Van Nuys, Ca.

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To implement the Democratic Process for Nomination and Election of CHAMPS Board of Directors with representation of all stakeholder groups as provided in the CHAMPS charter and bylaws.

It is understood that the acting Board of Directors efforts have been with the best of intent. Those efforts are greatly appreciated by all stakeholder groups. However, it has become apparent that as the school achieves the necessary growth that insures its longevity, that the governing role proportionately becomes broader in spectrum and demands a broader view from the diverse perspectives of all stakeholder groups.

It is the goal of this petition to motivate actions that will ultimately lead to increased transparency, communication, checks and balances, accountability, and a broad overall view in respect to the governance of CHAMPS.

This can best be served by following provisions in the Charter and Bylaws as outlined below:

1. Board membership terms to be held to the 2 year limit set forth in Article VII, section 5 of the By Laws.

Both the Charter and the By-Laws limit the term of office of every voting member of the Board to two years. We ask that a historical accounting of each board member's term, reelections and the process for those elections be provided for review of the stakeholders. We ask that a process in compliance with the charter and bylaws be put in place to allow expiring or expired positions be put to a nominating and election process.

2. Nominations, elections and composition of the Board to comply with Article VII, sections 3 and 6 of the By-Laws.

We would like to see a nominating committee made up of a diverse representation of stakeholders undertake an active publicity campaign that reaches to all stakeholder groups. The nominating committee should encourage and help facilitate the nomination process for each stakeholder group’s representation on the Board of Directors.

We would like for all stakeholder groups to elect their own nominees in an open election as provided for in these articles.

Definition of Stakeholder Groups: parents of attending students, students, teachers, non-certificated employees (staff), and community members.

Supporting Documentation:
For a PDF copy of the Champs Charter High School bylaws contact the authors of this petition via the link below.

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