W Two Worlds was plugged by ABSCBN as one of their Korean drama for airing in 2017 (a video teaser was released April 2017 on line). However, 2017 has passed and the drama was not broadcast.
On the first day of 2018, they once again released a picture with their drama offers in 2018 which once again includes W Two worlds.
2 of the drama on the picture had been aired. But, recently, they have been plugging another drama not on the list making us wonder if they ever still have plans to broadcast W Two Worlds.

We are asking other Lee Jong Suk fans to sign this petition and let our voices be heard. W Two Worlds is an amazing drama. It is unjust for the airing to be always pushed back.
W Two Worlds deserve all the proper plugging, time slot, and on time broadcast.
We ask ABSCBN to not push it back further and live up to their press release about W Two Worlds airing. 2017 we have waited... It is 2018 now... Let our waiting be over!

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