Regarding advisability of re-establishing the Constitutional Monarchy

Considering the experience of centuries-old history, taking into account dramatic events that took place in the country since the independence was regained, having analysed wide international practice and guided by the appeal of Ilia II, the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia - we, the Autocratic Monarchist Union, declare that political structure of Georgia should be the Constitutional Monarchy.

1. What is the Constitutional Monarchy?

"Monarch reigns and not rules"

The constitutional (the same parliamentary) monarchy is the form of the rule when the Monarch is the Head of State, but in reality the state is being ruled by the Parliament elected by people and the government which has the majority within the parliament. The rights of the monarch are strictly regulated by the Constitution and the legislation.

During the constitutional monarchy the King mainly has moral impact on the power although he represents the whole people and the nation symbolically. The monarch is the embodiment of the people´s will and character. He is actually the defender of their rights and the patron of each citizen irrespective of their ethnic origin.

According to the constitution, the King who is above political and economic ideologies and debates, carries out the role of the state leader, neutral arbiter and the defender of the country unity and independence.

He is a guarantor of the smooth functioning of democratic institutions. The fact that up till now, many constitutional monarchs preserve the right of dismissal of the Prime Minister in special circumstances is considered to be a reliable guarantee that the Prime Minister will not turn into an autocrat, dictator and tyrant. There is no way that the constitutional monarchy implies restoration of the property rights to the former nobility.

2. Historical Justice should be restored

The Georgian people have never rejected the king by their own will. We have neither overthrown the king nor massacred the royal family, nor have we annulled the monarchy through the referendum. He was taken away from us by force through the annexation of the Kingdom of Georgia and now the time has come that the people should make its own decision regarding the monarchy in Georgia.

3. End of Bolshevism

Restoration of the constitutional monarchy will finally put an end to Bolshevism in Georgia and the Soviet way of thinking in the political power.

4. Monarch - Guarantor of Nation´s Consolidation

Standing above the party, as a non-political and neutral leader, the Monarch will be a guarantor of the consolidation and uniting of the nation. Different from the President elected by the majority, the constitutional monarch is the Head of State of both majority and minority and the image of the whole nation, the symbol and, most importantly, a neutral arbiter. The King belongs to everyone and no one feels as a loser.

5. Constitutional Monarchy - a real opportunity for Territorial Conflict Resolution

Constitutional monarchy is an absolutely new opportunity for conflict resolution in Abkhazia and of co-living together with Abkhazians in one united state. It is the monarchy which gives the possibility for coexistence to several state entities of high autonomy within this monarchy (e.g. United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; Belgium, Spain, etc.).

6. Constitutional Monarchy - Guarantor for Political and Economic Stability

Monarch is the guarantor of stability and constitutionalism, especially during the political crisis. He is an objective and neutral arbiter who ensures that nobody conducts usurpation or misappropriation of the power (e.g. Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, who stood up to the military coup of February 23, 1981).

There are 41 constitutional monarchies worldwide today.

There are 3 countries which are constitutional monarchies (UK, Canada and Japan) in the unity of the largest industrial countries of the world, in the so-called "G7";

There are 8 countries (out of 26) in NATO: United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway and Denmark.

In the European Union there are 7 (out of 27 members): Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, and Spain.

7. Constitutional Monarch - Genuine Defender of the National Originality

In the process of globalisation it is the King and his family who can be the guarantor for maintenance of national originality and identity. His duties would include caring for and supporting of cultural heritage, purity and promotion of the language, national science, education and culture.

8. Georgia may become the first Christian Orthodox country to restore monarchy in its own state.

9. What will it cost to the state to upkeep a monarch?

One can be flat in saying that not more, if not less, than it costs to upkeep the current President of Georgia today with his residences, cars, helicopters, airplanes, trips abroad, enormous chancery and numerous guards.

10. Who will become the King of Georgia?

The personal identity of the future monarch should not become the subject of discussion and dispute of political and civil groups. Monarchy is the right given by God (Divine Right) and correspondingly after a two century interval, it is appropriate that the question of the heir to the throne should be determined by the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia and the Holy Synod of the Apostolic Orthodox Church of Georgia.

11. Who is entitled to solve the question of restoration of the Constitutional Monarchy in Georgia

This issue to be solved by people only. The people of Georgia through the public referendum should define the state structure of future Georgia. The referendum should be held in autumn of 2010 together with the Parliamentary elections. In case the people give their support to the constitutional monarchy, the newly elected parliament would be obliged to work out and officially adopt a new constitution and legislative basis in accordance with the constitutional monarchy. The Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia and the Holy Synod will use this interval for selection and preparation of the future monarch.

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