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This is a petition to form a professional division within the membership of the American Chemical Society. The title of division shall be Cannabis Chemists.

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One might think that this is too specific of a designation for a separate professional division. I would however argue that it is a rapidly expanding profession and that we face many issues specific to the industry. As the medical marijuana and recreational cannabis industry grows it promises to present more and more jobs for chemists in quality control and quality assurance positions.

The objectives of this division shall be to provide networking opportunities, mentoring relationships, and updates on technology, industry and public policy. The division will also provide support for individuals new to the field in the form of training and scholarship. Lastly, the division shall provide a platform for cannabis professionals to develop standards and practices in a field where self-regulation is essential for the success of a venture and of the industry.

Individuals who would be interested in this division may be in the cannabis industry as analytical chemists, water chemists, food chemists, agro chemists, extraction chemists, formulation chemists, natural products chemists, or pharmaceutical chemists.

It is wise and urgent to develop this professional division because there is an emerging industry that is desperate for the support this division can provide. Now more than 25 companies exist for the sole purpose of analyzing cannabis for producers, vendors and consumers.

It is essential for the growth of the cannabis analysis industry and the quality of medicines provided, that young professionals be made aware of the legitimate and lucrative opportunities in this field.

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