GFF Normalisation Committee

The term fiscal transparency has been given lip service but never demonstrated to the Guyanese public by the Guyana Football Federation, one of the oldest in the CONCACAF region. Consequently, a culture of secrecy evolved in which $$$ millions were mismanaged or misappropriated over the past 15 years by internal administrators with impunity. Subsequent infighting and dysfunction within the GFF prompted FIFA to disband the GFF's Executive Committee in 2014 and install a 5-panel Normalization Committee (NC).

However, the NC, like its predecessors, has not been fiscally transparent To the Guyanese public since commencing its FIFA mandate in the Fall of 2014. No budgets, quarterly reports or semi-annual reports have been published to date, and the results of a costly forensic audit in which fraud was discovered, remain in the secret cabinets of the GFF offices in Georgetown, Guyana.

The Guyanese players and fans deserve a progressive federation that is committed to full public transparency and accountability.

We, the undersigned stakeholders of Guyanese Football at home and abroad, hereby declare our dissatisfaction with the GFF/NC's failure to be fiscally transparent to the public in reporting and publishing standard financial reports such as budgets and quarterly reports during its tenure. We are also displeased that the results of a commissioned and costly forensic audit of the finances of previous administrations has not been made public, and legal proceedings initiated against individuals found to have misappropriated the federation's funds and/or committed other types of fraud.

Even more troubling is the recent disclosure by a GFF/NC official that the federation is only obligated to report its finances to congress and FIFA. This overt disregard of the value and rights of public stakeholders, especially players and fans, suggests a leadership culture of arrogance, secrecy and indifference persists at the GFF, despite the NC's mandate of normalization and positive change.

We further declare that the game of football belongs to the people of Guyana and that our enlightened body of stakeholders in the diaspora is prepared to agitate, demonstrate and exercise our rights to civil disobedience up to and including a player and fan boycott of the Elite League scheduled to commence in August, 2015, unless our aforementioned demands for full public fiscal transparency are met immediately.

It is time to elevate our standards of administration and management to levels consistent with the more progressive and successful federations and nonprofits in the world.

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