Nintendo Super smash bros.

Amaterasu a goddess with an appearance of a white wolf, came from celestial plane defeat Yamata no Orochi,
Have an arsenal of moves and weapons including the celestial brush, reflector, rosary and glaive have a variety of skills in each weapons. Amaterasu is fitted for Super smash bros. in a way it's shellshade will look like toon link and elements of it's charasteritic design is much pleasing to fit with other nintendo character that both kid and adults will love and okami game is making it's way back to the screen capcom will release okami in switch eshop.

We gamer can suggest to gaming companies what we want to play, and nintendo listens to gamers more than any other company. I suggest Amaterasu from capcom's okami to be petition as a playable character in super smash bros.4
We buy their products we buy what they sell it's about time to have what we want and to give ideas what we like.
Thanking nintendo for giving us a wonderful gaming experience everytime we engage with their games. We like nintendo and nintendo feel the same thing to us by bringin us good experience.

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