#Students' Rights
William Paterson University Hospitality Services
United States of America

In May 2007, Hospitality Services decided to change the meal plans for the 2007-08 academic year. They eliminated four meal plans, all of which had money attached to them.

Excluding the 20 meal block plan, the three remaining meal plans were very beneficial to students in ways other than just for meals. For many students, it was the only way to buy books and other neccesary items while on campus.

Many students showed up to the meeting held in the Spring of 2007, but the decisions were made with what seemed like little considerations to the testimonies of the students in present.

This petition serves as a voice for all the students who benefited financially and educationally from the meal plans in question and would just like their voices heard as to why or how they are reinstated.

We, the undersigned, call on the W.P.U. Hospitality Services to reconsider reinstating the previously eliminated meal plans. Furthermore, we ask that the restrictions currently in place are lifted and /or altered.

We understand that these decisions can not take place spontaneously, and we are ready to agree to meetings with whom this concerns.

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