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Government of Alberta

Researchers in the University of Alberta's department of biological sciences have proposed a cull of wolves in the Rocky Mountain House area.

This would involve shooting wolf pups and sterilizing older wolves, with the intention of boosting the elk population in the area.

One reason given for the wolf cull is that it would provide more elk for human hunters to kill.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of the province of Alberta to reject a proposal by researchers at the University of Alberta to kill wolf pups and sterilize their parents.

We understand that the information on this petition may become public.

Whereas the proposal was made ostensibly for the purpose of bolstering elk numbers in the Rocky Mountain House area, we believe that:

a) development of industry in the area, resulting in fragmentation and habitat loss, are the main reasons for the decline in the elk population.

b) sacrificing wolves for the sake of preserving more elk for human hunters to kill is unconscionable.

c) previous attempts at predator control have created unnaturally high prey densities, leading to problems that are still prevalent today.

d) limiting industry, recreation, hunting, and other damaging uses of the area would be a more ethical and more efficacious way of maintaining a healthier predator-prey ratio.

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