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Rosewood and other Communities in Wayne County
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BACKGROUND (Preamble):
A low income housing community, named Rosewood Townes, is proposed to be built at U.S. 70 behind the Second Fling Consignment Store in Goldsboro, NC. The project proposes a 36-unit development but has the potential to increase up to 100 units based on water/ sewer availability.

We urge the Planning Board & Wayne County Commissioners to reject the proposal of constructing the Rosewood Townes. This proposal will create an undue hardship and burdens on our county, city, communities, towns, school districts and families.

1. SCHOOL: Overcrowded school system contributes to a decrease in NC End of Grade Test Results, NC ABC Results, and Federal Adequate Yearly Progress Results (No Child Let Behind). The Rosewood Elementary school district exceeds the States recommended class size. School Size influences the types of academic programs or activities that the school can offer and Course Size influences the one-on-one attention that teachers provide to students and the level of classroom discipline.

2. GROWTH IN COMMUNITY: The Rosewood community has evolved in recent years. Constructing low income housing into one subdivision means the neighborhood would not be able to continue that evolution due to the large number of low income families. Absentee landlords do not have a vested interest in their property as long as the tenants are paying their rent which has resulted in drugs, trash, noise and substandard housing.

3. CRIME/INSURANCE: Specific details regarding an increase in crime & drug ratios are well documented within the Goldsboro News Argus and Reports taken from other low income housing. The Rosewood community is only assigned as an annex to the Wayne County Police Department. The lack of deterrence may result in higher insurance costs for households.

4. RESOURCES: Over extending community resources. The Rosewood Fire Department is a volunteer fire department; the increase in housing units will further limit resources such as manpower and equipment. Furthermore, access to public transportation in the Rosewood Community is unavailable.

5. PROERTY VALUE: May impact Residential Property value.

6. DENIED PROPOSAL: Proposal presented and rejected at Mt. Olive and Goldsboro.

We, the undersigned, ask that the proposed development of the "low income housing community" named Rosewood Townes, project developer John Bell, to be located at U.S. 70 behind the Second Fling Consignment Store in Goldsboro, NC to be terminated.

We, the undersigned, do not wish to have this type of community built within our current community or other communities within Wayne County.

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