#City & Town Planning
Logan City Council

*The number of proposed apartments / dwellings would cause unnecessary congestion, pollution and noise.

*A bus service is already operative on Bryants Rd, which is within easy walking distance, any addition to the route would only increase congestion.

*The proposed 'New Vehicular Connection' would encourage motorists to use same to access Bryants Road as a short cut, causing an excessive flow of traffic at peak times.

*The area is home to a multitude of wildlife, including birds, turtles, ducks, koalas, fish, snakes & foxes, and the proposed development would (if it doesn't kill them) force them away from their natural habitat and deprive them of their source of food.

*Local infrastructure, such as schools and child-cares, are already at their peak with long waiting lists applying. The increased population envisaged by the proposed development would add to this problem.

*It could be seen that the Logan City Council would benefit with the ability to collect more rates and fees with the proposed increase of dwellings and residents to the area.

*Can the Council provide assurance that all its councillors, including the Mayor of Logan, do not have a 'conflict of interest' as owners of properties in the area defined as 'Timor Ave Area, Loganholme', including properties on Arafura Ave and Timor Ave, which properties are not subject to resumption by the 'Parkland' proposal.

We, the undersigned, wish to strenuously object to the proposed Loganholme Neighbourhood Development Plan, outlined by the Logan City Council in the March 2011 edition of the Project News.

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