It’s a bitter truth that we Nepalese have to accept the fact regarding the load shedding and its consequences, which we have to face still for how many years, we do not know. Hence Load Shedding is a state of national crisis for which every individual of this nation should contribute his/her possible effort to eradicate this problem. But the issue arises, how we can solve this problem? Definitely this whole problem can’t be neutralized to zero level but somehow we can contribute our best to minimize this problem.

As everybody knows the whole economy of the nation is in danger according to the professionals. This whole state of energy crisis is the resultant of us, against which we should have our best effort to eliminate it. Many hydroelectricity projects are ready to be initiated but it takes many years to start providing its service.

Hence, we don’t have any alternatives to accompany with present problem rather than managing alternative sources to fulfill the power need at present.


This petition is an initiation to put pressure on the concerned authority to solve the problem of loadshedding. It's been years, still the problem is same and people are more desperate and somehow been use to with the loadshedding. And through this petition we are raising our voice against LOADSHEDDING.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Nepal to eradicate LOADSHEDDING from our country.

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