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The granting of knighthood (the title of 'Sir') to the blasphemous writer Salman Rushdie by the British Government is an act which has deeply hurt Muslims sentiments all over the world.

Salman Rushdie has been a controversial figure, known less for his literary contribution and more for his offensive and insulting writings against Islam. He has earned notoriety throughout the world amongst Muslims for the highly insulting and vilifying manner in which he portrayed early Islamic figures.

We, the Muslims, understand that the citizens of UK are open hearted and amorous people who have no connection with racism and religious intolerance, which has made UK a land of umpteen dwellers of different religions and casts. Unfortunately, the same is not being displayed by their government which is only good for creating gap between Muslims and their citizens, thus giving air to more extremism.

This is yet another example of insensitivity to Muslim opinion which will only result in further alienation. This act is also against the spirit of UN Security Council Resolution 1624 adopted in Sep 2005 which calls upon all UN member states for continuing efforts to enhance dialogue in an effort to prevent the indiscriminate targeting of different religions and cultures.

We, the Muslims from all over the world, deplore and condemn the decision of granting knighthood to the blasphemous writer Salman Rushdie by the British Government which has deeply hurt our sentiments and call for its withdrawal forthwith.

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