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We all know that Shark Bay in Malekula is called that due to the increased number of sharks living in the area after an abattoir was set up there many years ago. The byproducts of the abattoir spilled into the ocean and attracted sharks.

The most reported shark attacks have been recorded in this area. The last thing anyone wants is for the same to happen in Mele Bay. Byproducts from a fish factory spilling into the ocean would attract sharks to a popular swimming area.

The following people feel strongly that the Government’s suggested location of a fish factory at Blacksands would be extremely harmful and would be detrimental to the environment, which is of primary importance to the lives and livelihoods of most people in Efate and future generations.

We do not want this to be our legacy.

We have grave concerns that if this plant opens, as well as the stench it will cause, there will be major issues with water pollution & noise pollution short term.

Environmental degradation, loss of everyday liberties for all locals due to Shark infestation, further degradation of roads and more traffic issues are long term issues.

For tourism, which is the major employer & contributor to Vanuatu’s economy, the location of this plant and its accompanying fishing vessels is completely wrong. Therefore not creating any of the additional local employment promised at all.

We want to make it clear that we are not opposed to new development. We simply & most respectfully, call upon the national government to set up the proposed fish processing plant at a more suitable location. Where it can provide employment, without causing loss of jobs at the same time, as well as consider alternative uses for the existing facility.

We sincerely hope that the government is listening to the wishes of its people.

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