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Supermarkets siphon money away from local communities and towards shareholders and distant corporations. A study by nef (the new economics foundation) found that £1 spent in a local shop selling local produce puts twice as much money back into the local economy as £1 spent in a supermarket.

Supermarkets erode local choice as smaller, independent shops struggle to compete. Between 1997 and 2002 more than 13,000 specialist stores around the UK closed due to supermarket pressure.

Supermarkets increase traffic and congestion. The distribution systems used by supermarkets and the location of out of town stores generate large amounts of traffic.

Supermarkets destroy local jobs. Supermarket claims that new stores bring in jobs fail to consider the wider picture of independent retailer bankruptcies. A 1998 study by the National Retailer Planning Forum (NRPF) examining the employment impacts of 93 superstore openings between 1991 and 1994 found that they resulted in a net loss of more than 25,000 jobs or 276 per store opened.

We, the undersigned, believe that Tesco in its application and supporting material has failed to demonstrate the case for a sales area increase of 70% in its present store.

We ask EHDC to reclassify ‘Tesco, The Causeway’ as an edge of centre development as it is clearly not in the town centre! We also object on the grounds that the expansion will:

Increase traffic and congestion. (Especially at the entrance to the town)
Siphon money away from the local community/economy.
Erode local choice and take trade away from local shops.
Generate more waste with over-packaging.
Destroy local jobs.
Leave inadequate flood compensation that would threaten the safety of nearby properties.
Destroy a 200-year-old oak tree.
Cause upset to local residents with:
10 online delivery vans - delivering from 7.30am until 11pm at night
Flood lighting-twice as high as normal streetlights, on until 9.30pm at night.

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