#Animal Rights

Hundreds of people world wide advocated for Sunder’s release for years, thus when The Bombay High Court, on April 7, 2014, declared that PCCF must comply with the order to move the abused elephant, Sunder, from Warananagar to Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Bangalore (WRRC), there was rejoicing all round.

Before the High Court orders there were regular updates and photos of Sunder’s condition however since April 7th there have been no updates. Through email contact with PETA the only update of Sunder’s condition is that there is no guarantee that he is not in danger. Email contact asking PETA for photos of his present condition have been met with avoiding the issue. Unfortunately the High Court did not put in place orders to protect Sunder and he may still be with the same handler. We know that nobody has gone to check up on him and we are very concerned as to whether he is even still alive.

Seeing videos on the internet of Sunder being cruelly and sadistically beaten for years has been heartbreaking for hundreds of people if not thousands. Seeing, now, Sunder’s release posted on the internet is what people are expecting.

If PETA INDIA can video tape the cruelty that Sunder has suffered then PETA INDIA can surely video tape his transportation and release, followed by videos of how Sunder is living in his new environment. That is the least PETA INDIA can do for Sunder’s advocates who donated money and worked hard sending emails and tweeting in the hope that their work would make a difference.

We the above signatories are petitioning PETA INDIA to do the right thing by providing Video of Sunder’s present living and health condition, proofing that he is still alive. In addition to also provide video tape of Sunder’s release and transportation followed by periodic videos of Sunder’s new life.

The PETA India – Provide Video Of Sunder’s Present Condition And His Release petition to PETA INDIA was written by Friends of Sunder, the abused Temple Elephant and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.