#Animal Welfare
Buffalo City Municipality
South Africa

In East London we have a bylaw that states "no dog may be off its leash in any public place" yet nobody enforces this law or drives around collecting the stray (and often aggressive) dogs in our streets.

People do not spay/neuter their pets and this adds to the increasingly alarming number of unwanted pets in our town. Nobody does anything about this problem.
The Municipal Officials don't come around anymore to check our dog licences (not for the last 20 years or more as far as I can remember).

People who do not have a fenced/walled in property should not be allowed to keep pets because these pets are a danger to themselves and to other pets and people and because this contradicts the bylaw that states you cannot have your pet running loose in public places. Nobody does anything about this and it seems that any person is allowed to keep pets even if they cannot afford a pet and they therefore neglect the pet.

We need a dog pound here in East London and we need one urgently! Our current dog tax department also needs to be investigated because to my knowledge and in my past experiences they are not doing their job properly!

Opening a Dog pound (or "pet pound" as it should be) will also help in creating jobs for the following individuals: Veterinarian, Veterinary Nurse, Qualified Groomer(s), Animal Behaviorist, Animal Control Officer(s), Driver(s), Cleaners etc.

The money to fund such an operation will come from dog licences, fines people pay when collecting their pet(s) from the pound etc.

The SPCA is not Government funded and they can only do so much. They also do not have the power to enforce any animal protection laws or by-laws concerning the ownership of pets.

Please help us by signing this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on Buffalo City Municipality to open a Pet Pound in East London and put in place an animal control vehicle(s) to collect all the stray pets that are left to wonder the streets.

We also call on you to enforce the Animal Protection Act and By-laws concerning the ownership of animals.

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