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PM Boris Johnson and other UK MP's (local authorities)
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Liane Pibworth a white single-mother of two children says she has suffered 3 years of persecution from Muslims for simply singing Christian worship songs and for hosting missionaries at her home.

Two weeks ago for the first time in three years police began listing crimes against her as hate crime.

In January her housing association agreed to a 'Managed Move' for Liane which means she will not have to lose her council tenancy. Now we have to convince a local council far away from Hammersmith that grounds for 'Special Circumstances' within point 199 of the Housing Act 1996 (section 7), should be applied for her application. An assurance from a local Pastor and his committed church that they will council, advise and support Liane with her relocation to the new area will hopefully secure the move.

Even then things are getting more dangerous for Liane as those intent on causing her harm have launched a campaign that has seen malicious Youtube videos calling for harm to her, and even worse posts on FB and other social media. Some of those that hate her have even placed posters on their windows.

Please pray for an expedient move for Liane and her youngest daughter Evangeline (6 yrs).

We have purchased a RING doorbell for Liane and asked her to remove the CCTV camera that her housing association were offended by, despite the camera not working.

Her oldest daughter is 16 years old and fled their home a while ago after an alleged brutal stoning and other assaults. Under the guise of a placement of a college education place she has found peace and succour in an area bereft of those who are offended by her faith and wish her harm for it.

Please continue your prayers fior Liane and her children as they escape their current situation.

Learn more and watch a video interview here:


We petition the UK Government to specify persecution as grounds for mitigating circumstances to overcome the need for 'Local Connection' under the Housing Act 1996 (section 7).

The current loose framework for special circumstances permits local councils to ignore the plight of persecuted people within Britain.

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