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From Cement Creek

DID YOU KNOW that significant areas of Cement Creek and Starvation Creek are under threat from logging under the Timber Release Plans soon to be reviewed by Vic Forests?

Warburton Environment will be making representations to Vic Forests to have these areas permanently removed from future TRPs.

Please sign this petition to show your support for this submission, and for our beautiful forests.

We the undersigned are aware that these areas of Cement Creek and Starvation Creek are ear-marked for logging in the near future (specifically Coupe numbers 342-501-0001, 342-501-0002, 342-502-0002, 342-502-0003, 344-511-0002, 344-510-0003, 342-501-0004, 342-501-0003, 344-510-0009, 345-504-0006, 344-509-0007, and 344-552-0004)

These areas are part of a vital ecosystem that provides important environmental services such as clean water, carbon storage, tourism and recreation.

The logging of these forests is not economically viable nor is it wise use of an important resource. These forests belong to the people of Victoria, not the Timber Industry, and are significant to us ecologically and economically. We want them protected for future generations.

We call on VicForests to permanently remove these coupes from any future Timber Release Plans.

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