World Leaders

The unprecedented threat to all inhabitants of planet earth, our shared home world, from human impact on our environment has made common action imperative for not only our survival but that of many other species, and to sustain earth as we know it. While 193 countries have signed on to the Paris accords, success requires all citizens of all countries, including the three non-signers (US, Nicaragua and Syria), to not only support the accord in any way they can including holding their countries to their commitment, but to also pull all stops as nothing short of maximum effort individually and in global cooperation can assure success.

It is vital for survival.

We the citizens of the world petition all our national, business, international, and spiritual leaders to take the pledge with us to cooperate fully, not in isolation, and not putting any one interest over that of the world itself, to save our planet from man made terricide. We recognize that the threat is real, but can be mitigated, but only by global cooperation, as individuals as well as nations working together.

We recognize the urgency and hereby confirm our consent to cooperate to the fullest extent required.

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The People's Accord petition to World Leaders was written by Vince Unger and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.