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What is a People's Mandate? If you desire change from your Government, then the proper process is to express your will. When enough people express their Will, then it becomes a People's Mandate.

A Democratic Government cannot ignore a people's mandate, pure and simple, as the "People" are the "Authority," and when the people express their will in the correct manner, our elected representatives "must obey" as they are public servants after all.

Clean water, clean food, medical treatment and medicine, shelter, electricity, transportation are a human right, and not a privilege to be bought and sold. Once a social change begins it cannot be reversed, you cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read, you cannot humiliate the person who feels pride, you cannot oppress people who are no longer afraid any more, we the people have seen the future, and the future is ours.

IT IS MY WILL that all the governments of the world take immediate and ongoing action to ensure that;

1. dispense with the monetary system;

2. that all resources are distributed based on the requirements of the people;

3. clean water, clean food, medical treatment and medicine, shelter, electricity and transportation are provided to all; and

4. the provisions in (3) are provided with the most positive impact to the earth and its natural systems.

Yours sincerely
(the undersigned)

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