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Recently we have been overwhelmed and disgusted by hair raising facts regarding the treatment of Rohingya people in Myanmar.

A bit of research has pointed out disgusting facts that this appalling treatment has been going on for few centuries now and has been constantly overlooked by United Nations even though United Nations have adopted 'Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG)' on 9 December 1948, but still nothing is being done by the United Nations and United Nations Human Rights Commission.

In 1982, the government of Burma denied Citizenship to people of Rohingya. They cannot work, they do not have access to medical aid, and food and water are luxury items for them. What an evil way to gradually kill them. The ill treatment started long before this particular time and this was due to the fact they have a different faith and they look different. Isn't this the same as what Adolf Hitler did? Yet the world remembers the Holocaust day every day. Why not the same treatment for leaders of Myanmar? Why the difference? Because the people being talked about doesn't provide any economic benefit to any nation? Is this the reason for having United Nations? To discriminate based on economic benefits?

For such a long period of time people of Rohingya have been disgustingly treated and murdered because of their faith and colour and no one is assisting them. They have no rights at all in their own country and no country wants them. Everyone has a right to live the way they want to live regardless of faith, creed, or colour. It has been far too long to continue ignoring the people of Rohingya.

Please help us voice this to the United Nations and United Nations Human Rights and persuade them to take immediate action to help people of Rohingya.

We call on the United Nations and United Nations Human Rights commission to assist the people of Rohingya by firstly giving them basic & equal human rights by allowing them to become proud citizens of Myanmar regardless of their faith or race.

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