The Western Australian Government

We believe that the killing of white sharks who venture close to shore will only give the illusion of "protection" to swimmers and surfers, and pushes an endangered species closer to extinction.

The proposed shark mitigation strategies target the white shark, a protected species already acknowledged by Australia to be in trouble, not only in Australian waters but throughout its range.

Humans must be educated that when we enter the sea, we are in the domain of marine predators.

The proposed cull of sharks in response to the 5 tragic deaths is not based on science. Killing the sharks will only give an illusion of 'protection'; killing sharks may make beachgoers feel safe without actually protecting them. The proposal is irresponsible and harmful to the ocean ecosystem.

It is our hope that Australia will continue to remain a leader in marine conservation by acknowledging white sharks as a protected species and refrain from killing them.

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