National Grid
United Kingdom

National Grid and SP Energy are planning a project which will put high voltage electricity pylons across Mid Wales and Shropshire in order to carry electricity from a massive expansion of windfarms in the area to the national grid somewhere between Shrewsbury and Oswestry.

There are 10 possible route corridors but only one is to be selected. In their flawed Community Consultation National Grid are asking people to 'vote' for the pylons to go across someone else's area thus setting one community against another.

Which ever corridor is selected it will cause huge damage to communities and countryside. Therefore the people of this area are uniting to oppose National Grid's and SP Energy's plans.

Don't forget! Everyone in the household can sign.

We are very grateful for all your signatures but if you can also send a letter to National Grid that would be even better.

We the undersigned oppose all route corridors and both hub locations proposed by National Grid and SP Energy for the Mid-Wales Connection on the grounds that they would cause unacceptable harm to communities and countryside and also that the Community Consultation being carried out by National Grid is incomplete and flawed.

The People against pylons - Mid Wales Connection petition to National Grid was written by Steve Elliott and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.