#Consumer Affairs

There are an increasing number of sleazy firms who have managed to leave or hide sales and promo programs on PCs, without permission.

The Australian government needs to assist Australians in preventing this. Some of these firms - Sales Solutions, SmartShopping.com, ConsumerSurveysUSA.com - do not allow the removal of their programs by, not being contactable, providing inaccurate guidlines or in some other way deceiving the consumers.

Who else is sick and tired of sales pop-ups, unwanted windows and the general intrusion, into their PC, by Sales Solutions, SmartShopping.com, ConsumerSurveysUSA.com and other spammers who attempt to harass you into spending your hard earned money on them?

Please sign this petition so that we may take back control of our property and let only what we want to be placed on our Computers.

Seriously, I've just recently heard of websites created and maintained by Military Veterans and Victims of Australian Defence Force Abuse having their websites hacked and filled with garbage. An example is a military girl having been sexually assaulted finding 'Dating' sites advertisements on her pages!

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