Confederate Momument, Roy Jones, Jr., Pensacola
United States of America

For years, residents in Pensacola have debated the Confederate monument on Palafox Street. Some want it to stay, some want it to go. I have a better idea that all Pensacolians can get united behind: replace the statue with a new monument that will celebrate a legendary Pensacolian - Roy Jones, Jr. - a man who has always represented Pensacola on a national and global stage. Let's honor a man who has always honored us.

Pensacola has always been known as a Strong City. The birthplace of naval aviation. A city that knows adversity as well as we know triumph. Right now there is a hot debate on the Confederate monument on Palafox Street. This debate could go on for years, however, we have a simple solution. The Confederate monument will not be destroyed but will be moved to a local cemetery where actual Confederate soldiers are buried. In its place, we will build a tribute to a person who was born here, lived here, and always loved his hometown - Roy Jones, Jr. Roy Jones, Jr., the pound for pound champ, undoubtedly deserves a monument. He represented Pensacola in all of his interviews, he has never left our area and even had his last fight in front of a hometown crowd. Quite frankly, everyone on the political spectrum should smile when they think their hometown is the same as Roy Jones. He is a figure that represented hard work and determination. My firm, Crawford Law, will assist in the logistics of moving the monument and raising funds for Roy's statue. We just need your support. Please sign this petition to have a statue of Roy Jones, Jr. overlooking Pensacola.

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