PennMedicine Healthcare Workers
United States of America

Whereas America is currently experiencing a national struggle for racial equality and justice to overcome four hundred years of racial disparities for Black Americans and

Whereas these racial inequalities have created health disparities for African Americans at a disproportionate rate and many consider a public health problem and

Whereas The United States has created one of the best medical healthcare systems in the world and

Whereas racism is a public health crisis and,

Whereas members of the medical healthcare profession seek to provide just and equitable health care to all patients and

Whereas The University of Pennsylvania Medical Healthcare System is a national leader as a healthcare provider and

Whereas we the undersigned members of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Healthcare System, pledge to use our influence, prestige, power and authority and create a planning committee to organize, design and distribute a petition nationwide to all medical healthcare providers and supporters and

Whereas these providers would include but not be limited to the following: private practitioners, nurses, hospitals, medical centers, health clinics, nursing homes, hospices, veterinarians, social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, medical technicians, laboratory technicians, medical researchers, therapists, dentists as well as the schools and training centers that teach these professions, their trainees and students and

Whereas we will conduct this drive for twelve months across the nation, at the end of which time we will present our findings to leaders of the United States Congress to create a national dialogue on race and racism in America in order to facilitate truth and reconciliation on the problem of race and racism in America, which are necessary steps for healing the nation.

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