Global Peace and Ceasefire,United Nations General Assembly 55/282.
United Kingdom

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Peace be with us all.

Under the appropriate and analytical observation of the existing and now UN General Assembly Resolution 55/282, it is evident and of fundamental importance the recognition, understanding and development of the cooperation and education ideas and proposal, which requires awareness through the worldwide epidemic dissemination of the message, as means orientated to the establishment of the Global Peace and Ceasefire.
Why not to join hands in a common effort to this end?

There are no obstacles as long as we do decide and confirm in actions what we do for the good of all, giving opportunities to all people and culture the sharing of the free flow of knowledge and understanding to ensure the participation and the representation of all.

There is a lot of pressure on education. Education is not only the process of erecting more schools and employing more teachers. Education is how and what we are going to teach our children and ourselves.

Firstly it has to be established what Peace is all about by re-educating post-war society on how to implement the first principle of life (the right to live) in minds of all present and future generations of children and young people.

A waste of Energy.
There is an industry of wasted energy dedicated to war. This energy can be re-distributed through the means of global disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration to be redirected towards dialogue based processes by mutual education and campaign awareness and the establishment of the civil society.

Take action NOW!
From every corner of the world we hear voices begging for solutions on how to end wars and conflicts. The answer is simple. As simple as the question is. There is a saying: ...There is a time and place for everything. The time is now, the place is Earth, for everything is Peace.

The next step
Since the very beginning of history, in mankind the word PEACE has been on the lips of so many, but what is needed is action. Effective and constructive action from everyone. Friends and associates keep asking us to write a book about it. Let us share the responsibility and write this book together.

In relation to the reality no war, violence, conflict, separation, discrimination and other negative aspect of life leads to the evolution of human kind.

Brothers and sisters in unity can see marvellous things happening as result, but against each other they can only experience suffering as attainment.

Please do acknowledge the following information headed to the development and establishment of the new civilization: and
Is earth for peace? Yes it is.
Children are very delicate.

We, the undersigned, petition the United Nations for the exstention of the existing Resolution adopted by the General Assembly 55/282.

We have been invited by the United Nation in paragraph 3 of the aforementioned resolution to cooperate with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire.

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