Educators in the Peace River region of northeastern British Columbia

We, the undersigned, are educators in the Peace River area of northeastern British Columbia. We teach (or have responsibilities related to teaching) at elementary, secondary, and/or postsecondary levels.

In signing this petition, we do not profess to represent the view of a particular school or institution. Instead, we are exercising our individual judgement as citizens who are committed to a thoughtful discussion of social and environmental issues.

While we recognize the complexities and competing demands involved in energy planning, we understand that a growing body of academic literature has shown large dams may have serious economic, social, and environmental costs.

The potential Site C dam is no exception. Values associated with what remains of BC's Peace River valley include:

· First Nations heritage sites and territory that continues to function as an important cultural resource for First Nations people

· class 1 and 2 agricultural land

· ranchland

· multi-generational family homesteads that have individual and cultural significance

· important land habitat for animals such as grizzly bears and caribou, particularly in regard to population interconnectivity through the Peace corridor

· important aquatic habitat for fish species such as bull trout

· large tracts of timber and vegetation that absorb CO2

· recreation and tourism opportunities in a valley whose scenic beauty is of provincial significance.

Insofar as the potential Site C dam threatens these values, it cannot legitimately be regarded as a "clean" or "green"source of energy.

We urge the provincial government and BC Hydro to pursue alternatives to Site C, including:

· enhanced conservation targets and demand-side management

· newer, more environmentally sustainable technologies

· extension and repatriation of the downstream benefits related to the Columbia River Treaty.

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