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United States of America

I am writing this petition to raise awareness of PCOS and hirsutism sufferers. It it often looked at as benign and cosmetical. I definitely don't agree!, sufferers with a certain degree of hirsutism often lead to depression, lack of confidence, folliclitisskin infections, isolation, and sometimes thoughts of suicide but yet this problem is not being recognized and taken seriouly by health care provers and insurance companies.

I think with today's technology there should be more that can be done for us sufferers of PCOS, hirsutism and that it should be considered by health insurance policies such as mass health, medicare-medicaid for those who cant afford treatment and feel as though they have no options such as myself.

We the sufferers of extreme cases of hirsutism ask that a change be made in prioritizing the matter under certain low income insurance policies such as mass health and medicare.

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