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There are many mothers in todays world who would like to stay home with their children, however the economy does not support single income families.

The government of Canada has designated money for children of lower to middle income familes to attend daycares, thereby allowing both parents to work. However, the parents still have to pay a portion of the fees, which can make working rather useless.

Children who stay at home with their parents for the first 5 years tend to have better social and emotional balance, which is one thing that seems to be missing from todays citizens, citizens who were raised by daycare systems.

This petition is for people who would like to see the daycare subsidies go to the people who SHOULD be raising children...their parents. Parents should have a choice whether to work or be at home, and the decision should not be based solely on economic values. Since most families cannot afford to live on one income, this becomes the ONLY deciding factor on whether to work or not. This deprives Canadians of a fundamental choice in the way they live their lives and raise their children.

Give the stay-at-home parent the money that would normally go to a daycare subsidy, THEN the parent has a REAL choice.

We, the undersigned, demand that the Canadian government start giving parents a REAL choice, and start paying stay-at-home parents the daycare subsidy currently being used to pay strangers to watch our children.

We demand that parenting be recognized as a valuable, essential resource in our society, and as such, more action be taken to protect this resource.

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