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Fair mobile plans on pay as you go in Ireland Mobile operators.

Recently I was searching for a mobile plan for my self and my family we are 4 members 2 adults and my 2 kids in college. I was in a very big mobile operator and looking the cheapest plans, I found on that was advertised as 20euro /month with data, phone etc.
I choose this plan but when I check further on details then I realise that the month for that big company has only 28 days. In the same company if I choose other plans like the internet then the bill was to be paid every month (not every 28 days).
I was checking all my rest of bills like electricity, gas, tv, internet etc all my bills were charged me per calendar month also my salary is every month. But in the advertisement was very clear that the plan is per month not per 28 days. So my question and frustration are if you say something and is clear then you should do it not in details or in other explanations, All should be clear. I did have any other choice so I sign for that plan now.

Force by regulation all Mobile operators to charge by calendar month not every 28 days in all plans.
Clear and fair for all of them.
Per month is the normal. for all.
Every 28 days is more than 12 times be paid per year.

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