Department of Justice

Despite overwhelming evidence of accused Bong Revilla having deposited sums corresponding to illegal disbursement by co-accused in plunder case, Revill was not convicted because of allegations the signature on the documents releasing the money was not his. Disregarded was the possibility that Revilla had thought ahead about the possibility of discovery of the plunder and had employed subterfuge of ordering someone in his employ to affix for him his signature to mislead any investigation intothe plunder. Despite the decision to withold conviction because of reasonable doubt. the Ombudsman orders Revilla to payback the 124/5 million plundered amount. REvilla refused to obey the order and instead sued individuals who stated he must payback the plundered amount.

The Department of Justice should step in and declare that by virtue of the courts having entertained the suit of Revilla against those restating the decision of the Ombudsman ordering Revilla to pay back the plundered 124.5 million pesos, ten Revilla had been allowed to intiate an appeal of the judgement on his case. Therefore, let it be argued that the decion was in error for having disregarded the point that the signature made by another person afficxing Revilla's signature had instead of disproving Revilla's involvement, proved that Revill a ahd been wily and shrewd in directing the plunder scheme, him being more ascendant than the rest of his co- conspirators in the plunder.

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