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City of Ottawa - Eli El-Chantiry - Eli.El-Chantiry@ottawa.ca

David Manchester Rd (dirt road portions towards McGee Side Rd and towards Hazeldean Rd) are in constant need of regrading.
Cars and bus drivers are having issues slowing down on the road, while other cars and trucks, not used to the road conditions, are racing down almost loosing control. It’s very unsafe to stand on the end of the driveway waiting for the school bus since cars are swerving trying to avoid the pot holes or hitting the potholes, loosing control, and almost hitting children waiting for the school bus.
The pot holes also cause extreme damage to vehicles and inhibits vehicles to properly stop if a deer or child come running out. The mud/clay road base creates an absolute mess in wet weather, preventing myself and my neighbours to go walking since your shoes or boots get suctioned in the mud, and trying to bring a stroller or wagon for kids is impossible.
In winter conditions with this dirt road cause extremely slippery and icy conditions for drivers and walkers.
People in the neighbourhood have been requesting the road to be paved for 15+ years. It’s about time we make it happen, before someone is seriously injured.

We, the undersigned, call on the City of Ottawa to pave the rest of David Manchester RD (dirt road portions).

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