#Local Government
Orange County, North Carolina
United States of America

1. Four individual concept plans have been submitted for new developments along Old Chapel Hill Road in north-east Chapel Hill. They offer the same kind of market rate high priced rentals already overbuilt in Blue Hill and ​three of the four proposals do not significantly address mitigating our affordable housing crisis.
2. Last year, UNC and the town commissioned a highly experienced urban planning consultant, Rod Stevens, to study the overall history and directions of residential development in Chapel Hill. The Housing Report findings said that Chapel Hill already has a surfeit of large scale rental buildings that attract commuters who work in Durham, RTP and Wake County.
3. This Report strongly recommends that the Council must plan first for neighborhoods and the required infrastructure as a whole with the surrounding communities, instead of continuing to approve large scale rental buildings on a project-by-project basis with little connection to their surroundings.

Therefore we the undersigned call on the Town Council to pause to make an updated overall vision plan for this north-east Chapel Hill area along Old Chapel Hill Road before accepting applications for rezoning.
First steps include:
- Provide up-to-date transit improvements for 15-501.
- Engage the surrounding and affected neighborhoods.
- Plan for conserving existing mature tree canopy, and
- Request significant owner occupied and affordable housing commitments, instead of the expensive market rate rentals.

The Pause Development in North-East Chapel Hill: Develop with a Vision and a Plan petition to Orange County, North Carolina was written by Julie McClintock and is in the category Local Government at GoPetition.