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Ross Mirkarimi, C.S. Dist. 5, Dennis Herrera, City Att., and the BoS Medical Cannabis Task Force
United States of America

Low-income, disabled and veteran medical cannabis patients of San Francisco need your help. For over three years, Axis of Love Medical Cannabis Compassionate Center has been a space of refuge and aid for some of the neediest medical cannabis patients of San Francisco.

Providing various forms of assistance, food, clothing, massage therapy and free compassionate medical cannabis to its members, Axis of Love has been able to improve the lives of many based on donations from the San Francisco community and medical cannabis organizations and dispensaries.

Please help Axis of Love continue its services and compassion. Although Axis of Love sells no medical cannabis, or any other products, the center is in danger of ceasing operations because it provides free, donated medical cannabis to its members. The City of San Francisco has decided to view Axis of Love as a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD), which means that the center must go through permit applications to continue operating. This is a very tedious and expensive process that can cost over $50,000.

Medical Cannabis Patients Need Your Compassion.

Please sign our petition to redefine what is an MCD so that Axis of Love can continue its operations and serve its members.

We, the undersigned, urge the author of the Medical Cannabis Act and the father of the Green Party in the U.S. to amend this Act in respect to the rights of low income patients.

The current definition of a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) states that ten patients cultivating or distributing medical cannabis together, regardless if funds are exchanged, need to register as a MCD.

This process may cost over $50,000. This impedes safe access, and does not support the neediest of patients, and makes low income medical cannabis patient sharing circles vulnerable to law enforcement.

We, the patients, demand that the definition of a Medical Cannabis Dispensary (MCD) state that MCDs are establishments that specifically distribute medicine to patients for a cash, credit, and/or debit exchange, and not to be defined by the number of patients that are members of the MCD.

A MCD needs to be defined by the nature of the transaction that are involved and not by the amount of members it serves.

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