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Last century around 1/2 a million children were placed into various institutions or "care" faucilities. A lot of this was inforced by state governments and agencies.

CHILDREN were placed often through no fault of their own into hard, cold, prison like atmospheres and most of these children NEVER received any love from the emotionally seperatated, "professional" robot like staff, and only ever saw endless discipline.

Alot of these children suffered neglect, mental abuse, sexual & physical assult, were starved, were often under educated, over worked & much much more...

They were forced to feel "bad" SILENCED & powerless, although for many their only "crimes" were to be orphans, some of whom had even lost their parents in the war, some were already neglected or abused in some way, some had learning difficulties & other disabilities.

Some had been taken from overseas to be placed in children "homes" here in Australia, Some had been taken against theirs & their familys will, some were even experiemented on, or drugged with mind control substances & tranquilizes with NO consideration for what this would do to their lifes as adults!

These things even happened to innocent little BABIES and theres now PROOF of it!!

Society looked down on these children and alot of misperceptions & stigmas developed that STILL continue today for these victims.

The ongoing reprecussions are enormous, as the results of this treatment not only affects the victims through out their lifes, but also loved ones around them, and also COSTS society in many ways right NOW.

Through lack of trust that "care" leavers often feel & little funding to address the many repreccussions, many cannot reach for help in the ways that society normally can, as even many charities & churches have been involved in the so called "care" of these children, who find themselfs often alone & isolated as adults.

Many were distanted or seperated from their familys and even siblings, often for too many years, and many STILL cannot find their biological familys!

They call Australia "The LUCKY country." The Australian government/s would like us to beleive we are a multi cultural country and often preaches fairness & equality to ALL. However the opposite example is set to our society when appologies are only given to a selected few, when we ALL hurt and bleed the same!!

This is all appaulling and it needs to be CHANGED, ADDRESSED and aknowledged before any of our deep scars can ever begin to heal.

In this breif summery one cant even begin to cover all the issues, so for more information please log onto www.clan.org.au

This is a national support & advocacy organization that helps ALL "care" leavers.

We also hold monthly protests in Melbourne Victoria on the steps of parliament, where alot of elderly, frail "care" leavers stand in all sorts of weather with their walking frames etc... We have been doing this for years now.

Please side with us and show our government/s and other relievant agencies that this is unacceptable and VERY UN-AUSTRALIAN.

To do your bit for us plese sign this petition and forward it on to ALL the people you know.

Maybe then, more of us will be then be prouder to say we are Australian.


We, the undersigned, agree to this petition and call on the Australian federal & state governments to try and ammend the wrongs of the past.

"Care" leavers in Australia need and deserve a FEDERAL appology for past mistakes and actions, especially in order to move on & re-educate society about "care" leaver issues, the victims & their ongoing suffering.

"Care" leavers & their loved ones need vital services specifically designed for them.
These services should be funded countinuosly and advertised WIDELY, by the Australian governments, whom after all had allowed such terrible crimes to happen to children in their country for too long.

Society too often turned their backs on the plights of their own countrys children or remain ignorant, and they should be encouraged to donate to this cause.

CLAN is a vital national organization for "care" leavers, run by "care" leavers. It is the first of its kind in this country, and it needs on going funding from the government.

More research & studies must be undertaken, in order to try and understand, and help rectify the ongoing life long effects of such traumatic childhoods.

A national inquiry should be held in the remaining Australian states where inquiries have not been made. All states need to be brought into line with each other, as inquiries have now been held in S.A, Q.L.D, and TAS in order to give ALL "care" leavers an Australian "fair go."

Redress systems simular to Ireland and Canada should be established for the same reasons.


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