#Law & Order
Parkside Residents
United States of America

Ordinance 495 which is an ordinance limiting the outdoor use of firearms within the borough of Parkside, Delaware County, Pennsylvania, and providing penalties for the violation thereof, was proposed to be passed. Council had agreed that revision to the wording was the only deterrent for its passage. After the wording was revised and said ordinance was advertised in the newspaper, it still failed to pass.

Ordinance 495 is for the safety of the Parkside residents. This ordinance was also supported by the Chief Of Police ,John Egan & his department, Mayor Of Parkside, President Of Parkside and Ms File-Barlow.

You can view this ordinance 495 at ( copy & paste link )

We, the undersigned, call on the Council to revisit
Ordinance 495 and pass it .

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