South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services
United States of America

March 18, 2003

Hello my name is Kimberly McBee and my husband Leonard McBee has been incarcerated for the past 23-years in the S.C Department of Corrections for a 50-year sentence he received for Armed Robbery.

He took two wallets while escaping from two different detention centers while being held to go to Federal court for his Crime of Bank Robbery, which he received 25-years for. In the past 23-years he has been before the parole board 8 times and denied each time for the same reasons.

About 5-years ago my husband realized that he was not accomplishing anything with his bad behavior and he started making remarkable changes. Before this I loved him but I would of never went out of my way to help him be paroled. The only problem he now has is a drug addiction to Marijuana, which he has requested to be placed into a drug program and all he gets is that he doesn't meet the criteria.

His family and I have also tried to get him into a program by contacting the SCDC and the Governor's Office and many more and never get any where. Same old thing he doesn't meet criteria or we will see what we can do.Even at his parole hearing two years ago the SCDPPPS said they would recommend to the SCDC he be placed in a program and nothing has been done. I have checked into the Federal system and he meets all criteria of being placed into a drug program once he is there.

The way I look at it is that if you have a problem and admit it and ask for help with it then you should be eligible for some kind of program.

Leonard has made remarkable changes considering his addiction and all we are asking is that he be paroled so that he may be placed in Federal custody, get help with his addiction and maybe oneday return to society.

We, the undersigned, agree that Leonard McBee should be paroled to Federal custody to get help with his addiction and so that he he may start serving his 25-year Federal sentence.

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