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I am a current Parkinson's Disease Patient, currently our government is spending to much time trying to give handouts to illegal immigrants and are neglecting Patients like myself who are suffering medicaly and financially from the problems of Parkinson's Disease.

Not enough research is being done and not enough money is being given to Patient's on Disability.

Research is needed NOW for Parkinson's Disease and we also need SSI/Disability refmorm as the current system does not pay enough for the average Patient to live on when they become permently disabled. The average patient has over $150.00 a month in just Medication and another $500.00 a year in Doctors Visit. This does not include any copay's on any special procedures. The average disabled Patient receives only around $20,000.00 a year in disability payments. If we can reform the disability system and extend the research that the government is doing, you will see an increase in the Patients in the market place as well as eventually getting back to work. Our focus should be on Americans needing care, not fights over ILLEGAL Immigrations. The Government needs to put their money to the health of america, not other foreign countries looking for the citizens to come to america and send their monies back to their country of origin.

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