#Roads & Transport
John R. Kasich
United States of America

Traffic and parking is a growing concern for drivers. Drivers are impeded by delays in their routine commutes and spend an uncomfortably long period of time searching for parking spaces at stores and workplaces.

The main cause is solo driving, the act of driving with no accompanying passengers. Solo drivers take up passenger seats and whole parking spaces, amenities that could easily accommodate four or more people at a time.

Also, it is unfair to motorists for one motorcycle to occupy an entire parking space when two can easily fit into one.

We, the undersigned, call on John R. Kasich to assign designated parking spaces to high-occupancy vehicles and motorcycles.

(The recommended format is a dotted line in the center of the parking spaces closest to adjacent establishments. This will give priority to HOV drivers and allow two motorcyclists to park in the same space on either side of the dotted line.)

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The Parking Spaces for HOVs and Motorcycles petition to John R. Kasich was written by Tyler Grant and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.